Emerging Scholars Papers


IILJ ESP 6[2007]
A Call to Freedom: Toward a Philosophy of International Law in an Era of Fragmentation
Alexandra Khrebtukova
New York University

IILJ ESP 5[2007]
Delegation to Private Actors: A Case Study of the Clean Development Mechanism
Jessica F. Green
Princeton University

IILJ ESP 4[2007]
All Things Considered: How the International Court of Justice Delegated its Fact-Assessment to the United Nations in the Armed Activities Case
Simone Halink
New York University

IILJ ESP 3[2007]
Reflections and extrapolation on the ICJ’s approach to illegal resource exploitation in the Armed Activities case
Robert Dufresne
New York University

IILJ ESP 2[2007]
“Modus operandi,” “Lex pacificatoria” and the ICJ’s appraisal of the Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement in the Armed Activities on the Territory of the Congo Case More than just Latin lessons: The Role of Peace Agreements in International Conflict Resolution
Andrej Lang
New York University

IILJ ESP 1[2007]
"The Tangled Web": The Right of Self-Defense Against Non-State Actors in the Armed Activities Case
Stephanie A. Barbour
Zoe A. Salzman
New York University