J.S.D. (Doctoral) Program

jsd students

(L-R) Ming-Hsi Sung, Roy Schondorf, Arun Thiruvengadam, Vivek Kanwar, Marcia Bernardes, Robert Dufresne

The J.S.D. (doctoral) program attracts outstanding candidates from around the world focusing on a wide range of topics.  Many choose to focus in their doctorates on elements of international law. A student is admitted to the program only if he or she has an outstanding academic record and shows potential for completing a dissertation of publishable quality that will make a significant scholarly contribution to the field in which it is written. Further information on admission to the program is available here.

jsd forum

JSD candidates and Program Director Professor Mattias Kumm discuss
Robert Dufresne's research at the biweekly JSD forum.

J.S.D. students contribute to faculty-led research projects, present their work in conferences and panels on international law issues, and participate in law school colloquia.  Those working on international law topics are deeply involved in international law activities at NYU Law. For a current list of J.S.D students click here.

jsd forum

Joseph Weiler, Vivek Kanwar at the first JSD Conference, Spring 2004

In 2004, the J.S.D. program inaugurated the first Conference of Doctoral Candiates (J.S.D.s) during which candidates presented their work with NYU faculty and guests as commentators. Panels were held on “Law and Economics”, “Law and Gender”, “Law and Social Change” and “International Law”. The international law panel was comprised of presentations by Vik Kanwar (Prudence and Pre-Commitment: International Theories of Emergency Governance), Maya Steinitz (Authority, Legitimacy and Participation in International Legal Institutions: The Case of the Milosevic Trial) and Roy Schondorf (A Theory of International Law as Legislation). Commentators were NYU international law faculty David Golove, Mattias Kumm, Benedict Kingsbury and Joseph Weiler.