Colloquia and Clinical Programs

Spring 2011 IILJ Colloquium

IILJ International Legal Theory Colloquium Spring 2011

Convened by Professor J.H.H. Weiler

NYU Law School
Wednesdays 2pm-3:50pm on dates shown
Vanderbilt Hall 208, 40 Washington Square South
(unless otherwise noted)


This scholarly Colloquium each Spring examines major theoretical issues in international law. In Spring 2011 it will focus on issues of Use of Force both Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello in the light of the changing battle field of contemporary wars, issues of terrorism and the like. The conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, India-Pakistan, Gaza, Darfur, Congo et cetera as well as issues of Cyber Warfare will provide the factual matrix for the Colloquium and the most hallowed doctrines on the Use of Force will be critically examined, such as proportionality, necessity and the like.

Students are assigned to write three reaction papers which go to the speakers ahead of the public discussion sessions (Wednesdays 2pm-3.50pm), as well as completing a short related research paper, and also meet separately as a group in an intensive advanced international law seminar with the instructor. The research paper (or the much longer final paper preceded by a full draft due April 9th, if the "substantial writing" option is chosen) must be turned in by May 24th. Some prior knowledge of international law or legal philosophy or international relations theory is essential.


Schedule of sessions:


February 9

Yitzhak Benbaji, Bar-Ilan University
“The Moral Power of Soldiers to Undertake the Duty of Obedience”

February 16

Michael Walzer, Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton / Tikvah and Straus Fellow at NYU School of Law
Can the Good Guys Win

February 23

No Colloquium

March 2

Doreen Lustig, NYU School of Law
Doing Business, Fighting a War: Non-State Actors and the Non State: the Industrialist Cases at Nuremberg

March 9

Gabriella Blum, Harvard Law School / Tikvah Fellow at NYU School of Law
States' Crime and Punishment

March 16

No Colloquium – SPRING BREAK

March 23

Matthew C. Waxman, Columbia Law School
Regulating Resort to Force: Form and Substance of the UN Charter Regime

March 30

Paul Kahn, Yale Law School
"Imagining Warfare, or I know It When I See It"

April 6

David Kretzmer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Academic Center of Law and Business, Ramat Gan
The Inherent Right to Self-Defense and Proportionality in Ius ad Bellum

April 13

Andreas Zimmermann, University of Potsdam, and Philip Alston, NYU School of Law
Abiding by and enforcing international humanitarian law in asymmetric warfare: the case of ‘Operation Cast Lead’” Reference material

April 20

No Colloquium

April 27