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Ingo Venzke
Ingo Venzke
Hauser Research Scholar

Ingo Venzke is completing his PhD “On Words and Deeds. How the Practice of Legal Interpretation Develops International Norms” at the University of Frankfurt under the supervision of Armin von Bogdandy. His thesis builds on considerations of semantic pragmatism and it elucidates the agency of international actors in processes of communicative lawmaking. At NYU he will now focus on the power of international courts, on how their authority can be justified, and on how it may be dealt with in the interaction between different levels of governance.
Ingo has been a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg and a Visiting Scholar at Tel Aviv University. He holds a LL.M. with distinction from the University of London (SOAS) and a B.A. in International Relations from the School of International Studies in Dresden. The German Academic Exchange Service also supports Ingo’s post-doctoral research.  

Ralph Wilde
Ralph Wilde
Senior Global Research Fellow

Dr Ralph Wilde is a member of the Faculty of Laws at University College London, University of London. He works in the fields of international law and international relations, and his current research focuses on the administration of territory by international organizations and foreign states, the concept of trusteeship in international law and public policy, and the extraterritorial application of human rights norms.  His book addressing the first two of these topics, International Territorial Administration: How Trusteeship and the Civilizing Mission Never Went Away was published by OUP in 2008 and won the Certificate of Merit (book prize) of the American Society of International Law in 2009.  At the International Law Association (ILA) Ralph is a member of the international Executive Council and the International Committee on Human Rights Law, and serves as Rapporteur of the Study Group on UN Reform and Joint Honorary Secretary of the British Branch. He was formerly a member of the Executive Council of the American Society of International Law.  More information: 


Benjamin Straumann
Benjamin Straumann

Alberico Gentili Fellow

Benjamin Straumann is Alberico Gentili fellow at New York University School of Law. A historian of ideas, he is chiefly interested in classical political and legal thought, the history of natural and international law, natural rights and social contract theories, and the reception of classical political thought and Roman law in early-modern Europe. Benjamin is the author of Roman Law in the State of Nature: The Classical Foundations of Hugo Grotius' Natural Law (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and editor, with Benedict Kingsbury, of Alberico Gentili, The Wars of the Romans: A Critical Edition and Translation of De armis Romanis, trans. by David Lupher (Oxford University Press, 2011). With Nehal Bhuta and Anthony Pagden he edits the series History and Theory of International Law for Oxford University Press.

Having held a Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship for Advanced Researchers, Benjamin has finished a typescript on Roman constitutional thought in European intellectual history, “Crisis & Constitutionalism: Roman Political Thought from the Fall of the Republic to the Age of Revolution.” The book is under contract with Oxford University Press. 

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