Global Administrative Law - Resources

This page provides information about the programs offered by the GAL Project's institutional partners and relevant research projects currently underway around the globe.  To suggest an item/link for inclusion here, please write to

Institutional Partners/ Research Projects

The Istituto di Ricerche sulla Pubblica Amministrazione (IRPA), an Italian non profit organization founded in 2004 by Professor Sabino Cassese and other professors of administrative law, promotes advanced studies and research projects on GAL.

The Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law published the results of a major research project on The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions in the German Law Journal (full text of all articles available here). The project includes two framing articles, fifteen thematic studies covering a broad range of governance activities, and seven cross-cutting analyses aimed at drawing the lessons from these and advancing international legal doctrine.  A table of contents is available here.

The Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   The FGV Law School in Sao Paulo has initiated, in close collaboration with NYU, a project on Global Regulatory Governance and Global Administrative Law in Latin America.  Professors Michelle Ratton Sanchez and Maira Machado, both of whom have written papers in the IILJ GAL project, visited NYU to present their work in December 2008.  NYU Professors Kevin Davis and Richard Stewart have presented papers at FGV Sao Paulo, and links are deepening also with FGV in Rio.

The European University Institute in Florence has a project on self-regulation led by Professor Fabrizio Cafaggi.

The Department of International Law and International Organization, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva, leads several research projects in Global Administrative Law. In 2009, the Department, the IILJ and the IRPA jointly organized a conference on International Organizations from the GAL perspective in Geneva (see here).

The Viterbo Global Administrative Law Seminars Series, launched in 2005 by Professor Sabino Cassese, University of Rome "La Sapienza", in conjunction with Professors Giulio Vesperini and Stefano Battini, University of La Tuscia. Since 2010 the Viterbo GAL Seminar Steering Committee includes professors Giulio Vesperini, Stefano Battini, Edoardo Chiti, Mario Savino, and Lorenzo Casini.

The Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford University, directed by Professor Ngaire Woods.

The Center for International Governance Innovation, an international think-tank based in Ontario, Canada.

The Bremen Project, a Collaborative Research Center established in January 2003, supported by the University of Bremen, the International University (Bremen), and the Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

La Chaire Mutations de L'Action Publique et du Droit Public (MADP), a professorship established under Professor Jean-Bernard Auby at Sciences Po (Paris).  Under its auspices, a highly developed research network on "Public Contracts in Legal Globalization" has been developed, which fosters collective research works and organizes symposia, meetings and seminars.


External Events

Legal Patterns of Transnational Social Regulation and International Trade (Sept. 24-25 2004), workshop convened by Professors Christian Joerges and Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann , in collaboration with the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies

The Japanese Society of International Law, at its Conference in Hiroshimaon May 9 2004, devoted one session to global administrtative law. The presentation by Professor Benedict Kingsbury, Might Global Administrative Law Reduce Problems of Multilateralism and Help Build International Community, is available.